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NEW Website!!!

Hey Ladies (said with my best Beastie's voice)!

It truly is time to get funky, as we are super stoked to unveil the new site to you guys. It was evident the our old site was indeed juvenile, rudimentary, and lame, but we think the new site really embodies our style, as well as yours. It's been a crazy year, and at times I have considered throwing in the towel on this mad adventure. But I am constantly reminded by our amazing followers, customers, family and friends that this thing called Hot Rod Harlot is something worthwhile. You guys have been amazing and the support sometimes mind blowing.

Our evolution continues on this end as I've started to delve into more styles and additions to the line. Pencil skirts are here and need to be shot for the new site, as are AMAZING moto hoodies, some new accessories and styles of tees. We're also crossing over to the motorcycle scene as requested by so many of you... with new designs targeting female riders. Those will be launched by mid June. As will some more feminine tops and tanks.

So what does this all equal you ask?! A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has stopped by our booths this past year, those that have purchased online and have continued to make this thing fly.... So thank you, THANK YOU so much! Kisses - Charlotte

Kisses - Charlotte
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